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Medieval wooden mace

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Mace of the Knight Galahad

Short description

Medieval wooden mace


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Medieval wooden mace.

This wooden, themed and original mace will find its place as well during medieval performances, as in a child's room as a toy or decoration. Can also be used for the theming of mobile homes. He will bring a touch of fantasy and a real medieval spirit.

The legend of the knight Galahad:

Knight of the Round Table in Arthurian legend. He is the son of Lancelot and Ellan. Power to change appearance, it will take the appearance of Guinevere. He was the winner of the Grail quest with Bohort and Perceval. He was the only one who could look inside the cup, also the youngest knight on the Round Table, the only one pure enough to sit on the perilous seat without being engulfed. Among his many exploits he found the sword of Solomon, killed the seven brothers who kept prisoners of the ladies.

All our creations are handcrafted, handmade in our workshops in France, with quality wood.

French handcrafted by 50 Nuances de Bois.


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wooden mace

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