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  • ADAR Candle Holders rental

    Price €6.00

    Rental Lot of 3 Driftwood Candle Holders

  • KYRO Candle Holders rental

    Price €5.00

    Rent Kyro candle holders in driftwood

  • EGURA Centerpiece rental

    Price €15.00

    Rent Egura driftwood centerpiece

  • TULA centerpiece hire

    Price €10.00

    Rental Center table in perforated board

  • IBAI Centerpiece rental

    Price €15.00

    Driftwood centerpiece rental

  • Gaya Centerpiece rental

    Price €10.00

    Wood centerpiece rental

  • Rental under wooden plates

    Price €20.00

    Rental of wooden log sub-plates

  • Rental Presentation board

    Price €10.00

    Rental wooden presentation board

  • Cake Display Rental

    Price €10.00

    Rental Cake stand / Cup Cake

  • Service tray rental

    Price €10.00

    Rental wooden serving tray

  • Ice Bucket Holder Rental

    Price €25.00

    Rental support for ice bucket or flowers